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The work already done in the EUMEDGRID project has led to a pilot Grid Infrastructure which covers almost all the Mediterranean Area. EUMEDGRID-Support will start from there and make a further step to push towards a larger production quality e-Infrastructure and the adoption of more sustainable organizational models for the provision of services.
EUMEDGRID-Support (2010-2012), kicked off on 1 January 2010, with its launch event held 25-28 January 2010 in Cairo, Egypt wants to build on the successful outcomes of EUMEDGRID (2006-2008) and spotlight Europe and the Mediterranean and Middle east regions through an open dialogue aimed at increasing stakeholder and community awareness on the fundamental importance of e-Infrastructures with the ultimate goal of ensuring long-term sustainability.
To maximize outcomes, EUMEDGrid-Support adopts a two-fold approach: bottom-up approach - serving to raise awareness among researchers, students and technical personnel who can greatly benefit from using e-Infrastructures in their work; and top-down bringing into sharp relief the need for a policy framework developed with funding bodies highlighting the value-add and need for e-Infrastructures to empower researchers and advance the frontiers of scientific research.
EUMEDGRID-Support project participated in the process of building the ASREN organisation in conjunction with EUMEDCONNECT2 and G√ČANT2. Through collaboration with EUMEDGRID Support, ASREN will benefit from grid experiences in Europe, in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries, and would help to:
  • Promote harmonization of policies and standards in relevant areas at regional level.
  • Promote the adoption and usage of e-Infrastructures and services among the scientific community.
  • Strengthen regional partnerships and encouraging joint scientific research at all levels
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange and transfer processes across the region and with relevant partners in Europe and worldwide
  • Advocate at the regional level amongst decision makers and stakeholders and draw attention to high level politicians and decision makers on the importance of the e-Infrastructures to develop the research and education communities in the Arab world and beyond.

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